Javier Valera

Presentation topic: Roundtable discussion in Spanish. 


Javier Valera is the president of the Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County (DSNMC). Originally from Madrid, Spain, he graduated from the University of La Salle in Madrid.  As part of his time in college: Javier was a member of the college theater group, collaborated with the Department of Psychopedagogy, obtained the Diploma of Camp Counselor, received an Honors Grade in Reading Motivation Strategies, and travelled to Holland to learn more about education. He received a European Union scholarship to finish his studies in Sweden. He taught in Spain until he came to teach in the United States in 2004.  Javier worked first in the public schools of the District of Columbia as ESL and Spanish Teacher until 2011. In 2011 he began working as an elementary teacher in the bilingual charter school E.W.Stokes.  He currently teaches mathematics at White Oak Middle School in Silver Spring.  Javier leads DSNMC's Grupo Latino,  providing outreach to DSNMC's Spanish speaking members.