Nancy Schmitt

Presentation topic:  Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Improving Access and Outcomes for Students with Disabilities

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Nancy Schmitt is the Assessment Specialist for the Division of Special Education and Early Intervention Services at the Maryland State Department of Education. She has served in this role since 2014. As such, she is responsible for the oversight of instruction and assessment for students with significant support needs. Nancy's professional career in public education as an administrator and teacher spans more than two decades. She has worked in a wide range of programs as a special educator, individualized education program chair, and director of specialized programs. Most notably, Nancy has brought forth substantive awareness around the importance of developing communicative competence. Nancy earned her Master's of Science in Special Education from The Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Trenton State College (now the College of New Jersey). In her free time, she pursues her passion for creating fiber art and exhibits her work in local galleries.