Facilitating Executive Function Skills at Home and School: Middle and High School Students


Kristen will teach you how to help your children and students,of all ages and abilities, learn how to be successful in all aspects of life by using practical strategies to improve executive functioning skills. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or professional you cannot afford to miss this dynamic, practical day of learning!

Core executive function strategies will be applied to expectations of elementary students through high school. 

Leave the conference with actionable strategies to teach youth how to develop task initiation, transitions, forethought, time management, planning multi-step assignments, and self–awareness. 

Session Topics:  

  • Executive Function (EF) skills defined, executive dysfunction

  • Situational awareness, task initiation and transitions

  • Teaching forethought and planning skills

  • The Get Ready * DO * Done model for classroom, homework, therapeutic interventions and daily tasks

  • Practical Strategies to Increase time management 

  • Long term projects and written expression strategies 

  • Maximizing independence for school assignments and tasks at home