Kristen Jacobsen, MS CCC-SLP



Ms. Kristen Jacobsen, MS CCC-SLP is a trained speech-language pathologist who is Co-Director at the Cognitive Connections Executive Function Practice.  She provides training and coaching for teachers and professionals, parent consultations, as well as student coaching services. She has strong interests in cognition, language and mindfulness.  Ms. Jacobsen works to research and develop new methods and programs that can maximize a student's ability to learn to their potential and increase self-esteem as they become more independent learners. She enjoys seeing students make new gains, as well as training teachers and therapists in the use of executive function teaching approaches.

She is a specialist in pediatric and adolescent learning challenges in the areas:  

Executive Function

Language and Literacy

Nonverbal Learning


Post Concussive Syndrome

Asperger's Disorder and Autism spectrum disorders

Ms. Jacobsen has worked as an educational consultant and speech-language pathologist in public education, private schools and hospital settings.  Ms. Jacobsen has provided teacher training seminars and school consultations nationally.

Prior to establishing a private practice, she worked with colleagues to create and implement comprehensive group therapy programs for language and cognition at Massachusetts General Hospital. She focused on working with adolescents diagnosed with ADHD and Post-Concussive Syndrome. She developed programs to successfully transition students into their school settings following mild traumatic brain injury. 

Ms. Jacobsen was the recipient of the MGH Expertise in Clinical Practice Award.